Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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Today's article:

Rainbows, Smiles, and Joy

When life is hard, we often feel there will never be an end to it. Caught up in the moment, we often forget that tomorrow will bring different feelings, different circumstances, and different results.

I was talking to a co-worker once long ago. He was talking about someone he knew that had committed suicide. At the end of his talk, he sighed and said, "Can you imagine someone taking their own life?"

It is not unusual for people to contemplate suicide. At that moment in their life, they have had just about all the pain they can stand. They just want the pain to be over ... to come to an ending. And caught up in their despair, they see suicide as their own answer.

But after an angry storm ... comes the rainbow. After sorrowful tears, there will still be smiles. And after a painful experience, there will still be joyful ones on the horizon. We just have to get past the moment.

The story today was about smiles after tears. The trip home for mother and daughter was difficult. The daughter had just found out that her mother was going to die in about 3 months from cancer which could no longer be treated. Even though she was a full-grown woman, she didn't know how she would survive in the world without her mama.

A father came on the plane, holding the hand of his 6-year old daughter. He placed her in her seat and murmurred words of love as he prepared to depart. The child was returning home to her mother. The hearts of both were caught up in the goodbye, the parting, and the knowledge that there would be a distance of space between their next meeting. After the take off, a tear slid down the child's cheek.

The mother across the aisle from the little girl's seat leaned forward and wiped the tear away. Her words to the child also were heard by her own daughter sitting next to her. She was hiding her own tears for her momma behind her dark sunglasses.

The mother told the child that a smile is behind every tear ... that time would pass by quickly. She advised her to count on her momma as her best friend, and to get to know her daddy and his new wife. She explained that life held many tears, but lots of smiles lay behind them ... and life would go on.

While the mother was talking to the child, she was also sharing some wise advice with her daughter, listening sadly at her side. The daughter thought back to all the times her mother had shared this advice, and realized that "yes" ... there would still be smiles.

Our world does not end when loved ones depart. Life goes on. Even storms have rainbows, pain does not cancel out future joy ... and tears are still followed by smiles.

Today will bring something new. It may be difficulty or it may be great joy. Each year we live brings the cycle of seasons around again. We have favorite times of the year, and seasons we'd like to skip. But living is made up of all seasons. We cannot escape pain and sorrow, but hope, joy and love are sprinkled in throughout.

Take the advice of this mother. Her years have made her wise. We will endure the difficult times in order to reap the good. You only have to get through this moment ... because as this wise mother shares ... "There IS a smile behind the tears."

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Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

YOU can make a difference!

Yes ... YOU can make a difference! In your life ... and in the lives of those people you love and are friends with. You can even make a difference to -----strangers!


We are all born uniquely different. We all have different skills. YOU have special attributes and skills that are not identical to another person. Maybe similar, but uniquely YOURS.

You were put on this earth for a reason. I don't believe ANYONE is an accident. Have you discovered what your reason is? What one thing was put inside you to help make your place in this world? If you're not sure ... ask your parents or close friends -- "What do you see that makes me uniquely different?" Someone knows ... keep asking till you find the answer. (Try praying about it ... try visualizing the question before you go to bed -- ask yourself questions!)

Some people go through life without finding their answers. Don't settle for that -- WANT more. By finding your purpose, you will enrich the world in some way. No man is an island. Our lives touch other lives -- for good and bad.

I love Stargate (the tv show). And I love shows that feature going back in time ... and you have to do something ... but you have to be careful not to change anything for fear you will alter the future. Today would be different had you not entered this wonderful, exciting, stressful world. It would definitely be different for your kids, your spouse, your parents, your brothers and sisters, your neighbors ... your friends, etc.

We don't just "take up space". That space has life around it ... reaching out like the tenacles of an octopus! Grasping, grabbing, embracing things around it and pulling it back to itself. That's how I see it.

Your answers are locked up somewhere inside you -- and a window is there that peers into your dreams! Clean the window ... and start looking inside!!!

And that's exactly what I'm trying to do now.
I was laid off my job almost 6 weeks ago. It has been an exciting 6 weeks. I love being at home, and during this time, I found that something I've been doing all my life ... just might be a business.
Right now ... it's called Precious Memories FOREVER ... and I invite you to take a look at it. It's in it's creation stages ... so the pages of the site are going up little by little. But you can take a look at the beginnings here:
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I hope to see you there! I'm having a great time! Hope you are too!

Friday, January 28, 2005

Bankruptcy Madness!

I read an excellent article today on bankruptcy.

I know people who are considering bankruptcy. Do you? Perhaps you even know people who have already taken the plunge.

Bankruptcy today no longer carries the stigma it did even a few years ago.

Did you know that more Americans filed for bankruptcy in 2004 than those who filed in 10 years (1960-1970)? That is staggering!

Why do people file? Many just overspend. They have no control over their budgets or health conditions pushed them into using their credit cards for everyday expenses. After all, insurance keeps going up and benefits seem to be less.

And people find that since almost anyone seems to be able to get your credit history score now, it's almost a blessing to be able to "just declare bankruptcy" ... and start out new!

To read more, go to the article here:


Chapter 7: is a liquidation program; dissolving most unsecured debts. Very seldom can you do this with student loans or recent taxes!! Home equity may be used to pay some debts.
Chapter 13: is a 3-5 year repayment program for some debts while others are erased and which costs more to setup, and puts your attorney at the head of the list. Home equity more easily protected.

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 ARE bankruptcies.

Have a great Friday.

Theft id tip:
If you carry your credit cards on you, take precautions in the event they might be stolen.

The first thing you should do is xerox each card ... front and back. Keep a copy in your bill payment file.

In the event they ARE stolen, you can quickly pull your statement as well as a copy of your card for reporting purposes. Then you can quickly see that little three digit number on the back of your card!

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It's impressive!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Give Yourself A Second Chance at Something!

Give yourself a second chance at something!

Maybe you made a mistake and you need a second chance to make it better. Or maybe you had an interest in something once, put it on the back burner for later, and today is your day to give yourself a second start at it. Whatever it is ... go for it. If your budgeting skills need to be dusted off and given a second chance ... then do that. Where else will you find the FREE tools to help build the skills you need to get your finances in tip-top shape again?

Exercise the most important muscle you have - your MONEY CENTZ (sense) muscle at http://www.moneycentz.com.

The February checkbook is FREE to pick up to try out. It has pay days set for once a week ... so if you are paid on a weekly or every other week schedule ... it might be fun to just try. Online lessons for learning how to use the system are also there. Originally, I was trying to set my website up to be a community. I still hope it turns into one. But, I've opened the doors to ONE and ALL ... because I really want to see people get a handle on their debt this year.

You find a daily saving tip on the front page.

Today's tip looks like this:

Tax season is here. In 2005:Tax 2005: Sales Tax. Remember when you could claim your sales tax? Once again, you can. Did you keep your receipts? Claim it or your state income tax -- on your federal return. You will also be able to do this next year -- so use an envelope for each month and save them -- especially if you're looking to buy big-purchase items this year -- like cars, furniture, appliances and equipment -- whenever you pay sales tax.

You'll find additional tips on another page.

And ... you also find some good articles relating to money.

Titles include:
Is All Debt A Big NO-NO?
Credit Card Fitness for 2005!
Free Credit Reports annually (a free new service for each state and when it's available)
Fact or Fiction: Your Social Security Number
Lose the Late Fees On Your Credit Card
(and more added weekly)

Why wait to check it out? Why wait another year to get yourself FREE of the hassle of debt?

Go now -- take a look! Play with the tools. Look over all that's offered.

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Get "some" today!


Monday, January 10, 2005

Happy 2005! MoneyCentz is NEW!

Avoid PAIN, WORRY, and STRESS over financial overload today.

Yes. I've been there. I thought it was hopeless and that there were no easy answers.

When I was young, money burned a hole in my pocket. But that's the past.

When I took over the budget in my first marriage, it was a mess. I'd never budgeted before. I always thought -- back then -- that it was the man's job.

I found out that by being organized and on top of things, I could relieve our debt situation. And I was SO PROUD when I finally did it!

It took a year, but I became debt free, established credit in my own name, and earned one of the best credit histories around.

The big secret? I'm going to share my secrets with you -- for FREE.

I believe in doing it for yourself ... and I've developed tools and hints to help you do just that.


Right now ... I want to make you a free offer.

I want you to go look at http://www.moneycentz.com/. Comb the pages. Get to know me! Join the community and look around.

I want to offer the FIRST 3 PEOPLE who sign up special one-on-one help. You will have access to me. I will collect what info I need (not actual figures unless you're just so deep in debt and want to give me that info) ... and produce a specially-designed FREE --MASTERLIST CHECKBOOK for the month of Feb. 2005 -- just for you.

I am limiting this to 3 people because I don't want to short-change anyone! Plus, you can help me iron out any bugs ... so it's worth it to me to do it. Besides ... I do really want to help people ... and that means YOU!

I would like to see and be a part of helping people get back on the correct path and be set free again!

If after getting 3 people started and on their way to success, I can help another 3, I will do so and let you know. If you know anyone who needs this help ... please refer them to this blog for info. It will be on my website later.

I am also looking for others whom are financially savvy that may want to do some meetings with us and teach us some more.

If you are THAT PERSON ... please contact me. Email me. Put FINANCIALLY SAVVY HELP in the subject line to help me see you right away. I will try to respond within 24 hours.

So ... if you need financial help for free ... and free tools and wish to work with me -- don't wait! This offer is bound to pass quickly as those spots fill up.

Thanks -- and here's to working together.


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Day: Saturday
Date: January 22, 2005
Time: Start: 12 noon EST; 11 am CT; 10 am MT; and 9 am PT.

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Sign up at a special guestbook which will be located at: http://www.moneycentz.com

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You may need to register first ... email me if the autoresponder does not send you the download page for the free gifts. Hope to see you there!

Update: Money Centz is now totally open. The free gifts are available for you to pick up. No registration. Just go get 'em!

See my other blog at: http://cjz.blogspot.com
My last website is: http://www.creatingchange.ws/ It hasn't been updated in a while ... but hopefully will be by next weekend.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Do-It-Yourself: Get Out Of Debt/Using Plastic

Is the strain of debt heavy on your shoulders?

Do you dread the daily trip to the mailbox?

Do you have caller id on your phone to keep from talking to bill collectors?

The majority of people on this planet HAVE BEEN or ARE IN your shoes right now!

It doesn't have to be this way.

Do you remember if they taught budgeting, credit, and controlling your money when you were in school? I know one of my sons learned how to budget his checkbook in high school.

Most kids learn about money from watching their parents. If you use plastic (credit cards) a lot, it's only natural for your children to pick up this habit.

Credit cards are wonderful! If you know how to use them to benefit YOU.

As long as you have the money in a checking or savings account (that is NOT already allocated for other expenses), plastic is great. You actually get to keep your money longer while you still get the pleasure of allowing yourself to have something you want now. It also allows you 30 days to use that treasured item to decide if you really want or need it.

Using plastic is an easy way to return things. Of course, there are times this is NOT true. If you put a charge on your card for a monthly item, it is harder, but still do-able ... to return it. This is extremely true (being harder), if you purchase a service online or join a membership that costs. I've found that it is easier to join than to cancel in these cases.

Online services often give you numbers for cancelling your membership, but when you try to reach those numbers -- it is extremely difficult to reach them. The number either belongs to someone they have listed in their organization who keeps referring you to another number. Of course, there is NO LIVE PERSON, but a telephone tree that repeats the same message over and over again. They announce that if you "wish to speak to a customer service rep, please stay on the line". They even give you an email address -- but it doesn't work! In fact, most of their email addresses don't work. (They send you a daily email with no way to opt out or reply either -- a real NO NO. To me -- this is truly spam.) When you stay on the line (while music plays in the background), you wait ... and again the same message comes on to give you the same false information! What happens ... is you end up spending time -- and possibly more money waiting to cancel your membership.

I just bought an online package through a telecommercial, and while I was perfectly happy with the price and package I received -- it also came with a 30-day introduction to a "special club". Then, at the end of the 30 days, they start billing your credit card. It goes on and on ... the email addresses don't work, their phone numbers are a run-around ... and it's ridiculous.

If you want to know about this particular experience, I invite you to visit my website to pick up an investigative report on it. (One of the features of my site is doing some checks on offers you get through the mail, etc.) I also invite ALL who have stories to tell to email me with their own personal stories. Let's shine a little light on some of these "shady" enterprises ... and help prevent their effective "pick-pocketing".

I will also share experiences that were pleasurable and honest, and invite you to do the same. Let's reward those whom deserve reward ... and speak out against those with their hands in your pocket.

One of the things I will go through on my website regarding plastic will be the dispute process. I've done it several times ... all successfully! I will tell you HOW to track and report this so your outcome will be successful. There are several things you can do to get their hands OUT OF YOUR POCKETS once and for all.

We will also cover budgeting on my website.

If you are trying to get out of debt, I can also show you how to plan ahead so you know how quickly you can get out and back into control. Actually, once you start working your plan to get out of debt, you are once again in control of your money. A journey begins with but a single step. But the journey will take you back to the point where the money you now earn is totally yours (except for day-to-day normal expenses), and give you back some semblance of freedom. Your worry will be gone, your stress reduced. Life will begin to be enjoyable again. And your credit rating will improve from following these steps.

Because you did not get in debt overnight, you will NOT get out overnight. But doing the steps day in and day out till you have full control will become a learning process that will help keep you from falling back into the debt pit.

Of course, success is only based on your participation, your effort, and your follow through. But, you can do it YOURSELF.

Money Centz is a "do-it-yourself" community. To track the sites effectiveness, I do ask that you register. I offer you several free gifts for registration. Registration to our community gives you a password to enter its community doors. There is a private chat inside. I also invite those whom have Money Centz (sense) to join us and help us along. There's safety in numbers ... as well as lots of tips and personally-developed techniques others have developed that they can share when joining. No one is insignificant.

There is NO CHARGE for joining this group. You can opt out anytime. In fact, an email is sent monthly only to update your password.

There are groups all over this grand world of ours, but I've yet to find one on just money issues where people can interact and discuss problems, ideas, and solutions -- to GETTING and STAYING out.

Sometime before spring, I hope to put in a forum. Currently, there is a bulletin board inside the open chat area for leaving messages or postings. You have to register (create a user name and password to post), but that is NOT uncommon on bulletin boards. It obligates you to nothing.

If this community sounds like something you'd be interested in, please join! Find us at:

Hope to see you -- insides its doors!


P.S. If you visit, I am trying to get all parts of the site up and running. Not all the features are ready yet. I had to dismantle most of the old site which ran some 75 pages to set up the new site. But, I am working on it ... and it will get up! So hang in there with me!

Saturday, January 01, 2005


This is brand new. Introducing my new website setup which should be online by Jan. 2, 2005 (Sunday).

Check it out at http://www.moneycentz.com.

Till later.